Transforming People Into Savvy Investors

An easy-to-use personal investing app that helps you build smart habits to meet your financial goals.

Why Stock Savvy is Different

Stock Savvy is a personal investing app that empowers you to build smart habits and become an extraordinary investor.


An easy-to-use tool that makes the traditionally-complicated experience of investing much simpler.

An Investment Coach,
In Your Pocket

The secret to investing success is creating a plan and sticking to it. Get personalized insights on how your portfolio and stocks are performing and receive tips for improving.

Know When to Buy,
Sell, or Hold

Our Savvy Signal helps you decide if you should buy, sell, or hold a specific stock.  Our Signal is made up of historical performance, current volatility, and a total of 10 other indicators.

Founded by an
Investing Expert

Investing expert and thought leader Dr. Richard Smith brings 20 years of experience serving 30,000 customers tracking over $20 billion in assets.



How It Works


Intentional Investing

Define your financial goals.


Purpose-Built Portfolio

Develop portfolio strategies that work with those goals.


Deliberate Stock Choices

Select stocks that align with your portfolio strategy, with help from experts along the way.


Become a Savvy Investor

Invest with confidence.

Simple Portfolio Management

Stock Savvy helps you build and grow diversified portfolios, with your personal goals and risk profile in mind.

An Investment Coach, In Your Pocket

Get personalized insights to how your portfolio and stocks are performing, and tips for improving. Notifications help you stay on your plan.

Invest Like the Pros

Learn how the billionaires invest and model your portfolio after the likes of Warren Buffett and other savvy investors.

About Us + Core Values

Stock Savvy’s vision is to redefine investing by creating opportunity and access, so anyone can become a successful investor. We believe habits are powerful and people can become extraordinary investors by modifying their behavior.

Through Stock Savvy’s educational and easy-to-use tools, people can create an investment plan based on goals, minimize investment risk, and build profitable portfolios. 

Founded by investing expert Dr. Richard Smith, Stock Savvy believes that with the right information, anyone can invest like the pros.


Innovation through Collaboration


Culture of Caring & Vulnerability

Commitment to


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Become a savvy investor

  • Build healthy financial habits
  • Manage your entire portfolio
  • Learn when to buy, sell, or hold

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